"One Another" Bible Verse Desktop Backgrounds 1280x1024

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"One Another" Bible Verses
--Apple Blossom(1)
--Spider Web(1)
--Wild Strawberry Flower(1)
--Wild Rose(1)
--Wild Brown Eyed Susan(1)
--Mystery Bloom(1)
--Trap Door Spider(1)
--Ant Peonies(1)
--Dragon Fly(1)
--Dragon Fly(1)
--Dragon Fly(1)
--Yellow Flower(1)
--Purple Flower(1)
--Yellow Rose(1)
--Canada Geese(1)
--Water Drop Spruce(1)
--Tree Bud(1)
--Tree Trunk(1)
--Pussy Willow(1)
--Tree Blossom(1)
--Tree Buds(1)
--Apple Flower Bud(1)
--Pear Blossom(1)
--Strawberry Flower(1)
--Apple Blossom Bud(1)

"One Another" Bible Verse Desktop Backgrounds 1280x1024 pixels

"One Another" Bible Verse Desktop backgrounds are available in a selection of bible verses and picture backgrounds. You may download a desktop background with or without a bible verse attached. Click on a Picture Name to see the selection of bible verses available for each background. The size 1280x1024 works good with most non-wide screen monitors.