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This web page is a collection of projects we have done. We hope they may be of interest to you.

1. PEMF (Pulse Electromagnetic Field) Therapy

This is our most recent exciting research/project. Use of magnetic fields for therapeutic use has a long history but is it scientifically recognized? This section looks at this fascinating field. We provide a reference design for those interested in researching this field.

2. Pendant Alert System

When a pendant is activated, the system will send email and SMS text messages to two contacts. It is up to the contacts to determine what follow up actions to take. This system of ~ 70 pendants has been operating for over 5 year. The system monitors a area of 75,000 sq feet using 3 networked hubs.

3. Indoor Position System

4. Dementia

5. BPH Flow Meter

6. Hydronic Controller

Nestronics is a supporter of the concept that all matter and life has been designed, and the designer is our Lord and God. He is worthy of all praise, as His creation is truely amazing.